I’m Elana, I’m a live artist and access consultant.


    I make melancholy, silly, sensory shows to be swallowed up by. 

    They’re often noisy & chaotic. 

    I want to do something to you. 

    I like to experiment with form, and my work happens:
    • through headphones on a walk 
    • in a gallery with a set of instructions 
    • in a loud performance space surrounded by other people 
    • in your bedroom wrapped in a duvet 

    Currently looking at: 
    Neurodivergence// Agatha Christie// British Jewishness// Invisible Disability// Talking Heads// Bodily fluids

    I’m 1/4 of trashy internet performance collaboration Hot Cousin. We make performances using the internet.

    I’m also an access consultant specialising in Neurodiversity & accessible rehearsal room practices.