I think it was a feeling 


I think it was a feeling had a work-in-progress at CLAY in October 2023.
The work is now being developed as a commission for Submerge in 2024.

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A headphone piece exploring invisible disability & incontinence. 

It’s a set of choreographic instructions designed to be listened to & followed in your home. It’s an intimate & sensory experience designed to be done alone. 

Simple instructions are woven together with an electronic soundtrack & autobiographical descriptions of Elana’s sensory experience of pissing herself & what it feels like to lose control on purpose. 

It’s brash, tender, a bit sexy, and asks the listener to reconsider their relationship to bodily fluids, if they can shut out the societal shame for a minute. Because maybe pissing yourself actually feels good. 

The piece takes about 25 minutes: you download it to your phone, and all you need are headphones, a glass of water and an empty house.